Just Another Day - An Inspirational Speaker in OHS

Hi Theo, I just wanted to take a moment out of my day to say thankyou for your excellent presentation yesterday afternoon in Chinchilla, Queensland. Your story had me on the edge of my seat and captured my full attention. I was awestruck at how you survived as people have succumbed to lesser things. Your story was very poignant about how fragile life is and why we are doing what we do with construction work (i.e. Work to live, not live to work). Everyone I spoke to afterwards commented positively on your presentation and the miracle you have survived. Personally, I had a lump in my throat when you were talking about your children as I have two young boys aged 11 & 9 who mean the world to me. My father passed away from cancer when I was 10, so I never had his guidance and friendship as you have had with yours and even Shane had with his. That left me with a very early lesson on not wanting to do anything stupid that could harm me and stop me from being there for my boys. Before I do anything, there is one thought that always pops into my head, and that is, don’t do anything silly as it’s not worth it for me or my boys. Thankyou once again, and I wish you every success in life. Best Regards Nenad Mitrovic Project Engineer/Father of two boys  

Theo My name is Luke Miller  I was at the course yesterday I would just like to say that the message you put out there and the way you handle your self was great I don't think you need to change anything about the way you present your life story in 2005 I lost my ring finger in a work accident I am on the hand video that Thiess have made so I do know a little bit of the pain of a work accident I have a great family and a beautiful little girl at home who makes my heart melt every time I see her and when you talk about your kids the way you did and the way you talk about your little girl it struck me a lot so thank you for that you are one very strong man cheers 

Hi Theo, Yesterday I attended a safety stand down seminar for the company I work for (Thiess) and was lucky enough to hear you share your story. What you have been through is incredibly inspiring and also heartbreaking. Your determination, surviving against all odds and then the reality of rehabilitation. Survivng the shock seems like the easy part. The months and years to follow would have defeated lesser men. What you shared was eye opening, inspiring and most importantly it was completely relevant to people working in our industry. I have heard numerous different people that attended with me talking about your story and how it has inspired them also. I must say that I am surprised by how impacting it was. I wouldnt normally take the time leave a review but I felt compelled to. Thankyou Theo for changing the way I approach my working environment, thinking of my family when I make decisions and not just myself. All the best with your future endeavours. Regards, Isaac Holmes.

 A big thank you Theo for your presentation today. The message it gave spreads across all trades and groups in the mining industry. As a Training Coordinator I try to create training packages that hit home the importance of safety and following procedures. I could never write a package that covered this subject as well as your presentation covered it today. Everyone in the room could relate in some way to taking short cuts and your accident hit home the possible consequences of not following procedure. You could have heard a pin drop! Your attitude and recovery after your accident is an inspiration to all of us. Thank
you again.
Hayden Pratt
Fortescue Metals Group

Hi Theo, I hope you can forgive the familarity, however, I feel that I know you extremely well, after having sat wide eyed, and incredulous at your story of survival, and bravery in talking openly, and frankly about the mistake that you made. I had the privilege of being at the presentation, that you gave to Balfour Beattie, in Dampier.  I give you my highest respect, for being so honest, and telling how it was, and still is. Everyone starting out should see at least part of your presentation, as part of a general induction to the workforce. It inspired me to be even more careful, and watch my mates backs, as we all can't see everything going on around us. If i'm the only one with this opinion out of a room of more than 100, you may rest assured it was worth it. Get this, I'm not! I feel you inspired more people than not, as the culture on the project I am contracted to, has taken on a new feel, and seems more focused on keeping safe. THANK YOU!, for giving me your time, and best wishes for you, and the people that mean the most to you. Cheers, Brent Tunnage.
Brent Tunnage
Summit Tower Hire

Theo’s presentation is very honest and hard hitting with all who attended. The impact on our field staff was immeasurable and has assisted us to positively take our teams further along the safety journey.
I can’t thank Theo enough for sharing this very painful experience with us all.
Matt Gould
Thiess Services

Thank you for the invitation to hear Theo’s inspirational presentation. As a safety professional it is refreshing to see such imitative and the management support that the message receives. As I was walking back to my car, I witnessed the effectiveness that such session can bring to our workforce. As I was crossing the car park I observed a work crew openly engaging in a safety conversation about a confined space entry. This just goes to show that the topic at least resonated with some and hopefully all of those that were given the privilege of listening to Theo’s story. Hopefully this will make a difference.
Silke HutchinsonBush
Health and Safety Advisor

What a great presentation, from the heart’
‘I was almost crying the whole time’
‘That will make me think twice before taking another shortcut’
‘I just had a guy admit a shortcut he takes from time to time, but said he won’t take it again’
‘Just goes to show how one silly decision can change your life forever. To go through all that and then get up and talk to people about it is amazing
Regards, ’

Kris Klarica
HSE Adviser

I can’t thank Theo enough for sharing his story with us. It had such a big impact on all our staff who attended. Theo brings home the consequences to himself and his family associated with not following procedures, in very human and emotional way. The painful journey Theo has had to travel in his recovery from his injuries strengthens the impact of his message. Hopefully many others will now not suffer an injury such as this because of Theo’s presentation.
H&S advisor

Thank you for taking the time to meet my workforce last week. Your story is powerful and had everyone moved. I saw some of the toughest nuts in my team physically and emotionally moved by your life changing events.  The passion you enthuse is riveting, and there is not a single member of my team who didn't take away their own personal insight. 
Of all the things I could thank you for, the shear fact you have used your adversity to try to help others learn is the most significant.
Please accept my most sincerest thanks for your commitment to making the world a safer place. I have no doubt that you have and will continue to make your mark in Australia and beyond.
Well done.
Tim Lloyd
Thiess Services

I have attended plenty of forums over the years with guest speakers but I can honestly say I have not been as moved or impressed as I was by your presentation.
Your message was extremely powerful and very well presented and definitely hit home hard.
I was eager to earbash anybody who stood still long enough to tell them your story.
Steve Serafini
When the invitation was extended in our workplace to attend Theo Venter’s WH&S presentation “Just Another Day”, I recall thinking undoubtedly this would be an opportunity not to be missed. I was compelled to hear how someone withstood 22000 volts and lived. Surviving 22000 volts ripping through your body? To me this concept was unfathomable. I was driven to hear this amazing story of how a man battled with so many challenges; was able to beat the odds and overcome adversity.
Theo’s story is a journey of courage of how several lives were changed in one instant when an avoidable mistake was made. I found it to be a powerful testimony of how imperative it is that work site instructions and protocols be followed to the letter.  
Sitting through the presentation was difficult in itself due to the graphic content, however I felt this was a story that needed to be told. It was a story that was truly inspiring and at times moved me to tears. What resonated clearly throughout the emotional presentation is: Safety in the work place is paramount and should never, under any circumstances, be compromised. 
For days after attending Theo’s presentation, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had heard. I felt truly enriched for the opportunity to listen. Theo’s presentation sparked several discussions within my own work group about the importance of safety in the work place. It was such a privilege to hear Theo’s inspirational story and it was one that left an indelible mark on my heart. Theo’s words were profound as such that it was clear that adhering to safety protocols is vital
Dawn Pedersen
Ergon Energy 
I would like to personally extend my thanks to you for your efforts in delivering your very powerful story to Ergon Energy Employees across the state, 48 presentations over 26 days.The safety incident that has forever changed your life and that of your friends , workmates and family members is one that hits home hard. The discussions I witnessed with employees was both emotional and confronting. The way in which you openly discuss the failure to follow rules and wear appropriate personal protective equipment contributed to your incident. Followed by the realisation that following the risk management process may well have prevented the incident.Theo I attended the majority of your presentations across Ergon Energy there were differing audiences mixed male & female, large groups , small groups, people who had been involved in serious incidents themselves and all levels of managers. I watched the body language of the attendees and witnessed the shift from just another safety presentation to everyone in the room listening intently to your story. After your presentations I was amazed at some of the intense discussion with the audience.The road show captivated employees throughout the Ergon Energy network over the month, and once again I thank you for telling your story day after day, week after week, in an attempt to stop something as tragic as your situation happening to others.
Graham Baxter
Senior Technical Safety Coordinator
Field & Corporate Safety
Ergon Energy

 I had a lot of people asking what the presentation was about and some sceptics about seen one safety presentation seen them all.The room was over full.  When you see guys walk in the room with chest out, shirt out and sit up the back…….then Theo had them in tears and himself too he later admitted.Today, I saw a group that is usually very vocal, but not one person had anything to say, since the meeting these same people are talking about only one person, Theo.
Chris Norriss
Safety Support Officer
Ergon Energy
I also had the opportunity to attend the Theo Venter presentation that is currently being rolled out through Operations and Energy Services.  Theo was a glove an barrier live linesperson who took off his gloves while performing live line and a flashover occurred.  Twenty four operations later and a huge impact on him personally, his family and his work mates Theo is now telling his story.  Very powerful stuff.
John Cass
General Manager Health & Safety
Ergon Energy
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