Just Another Day - An Inspirational Speaker in OHS

Theo's presentations were fantastic he captured our audience and held them throughout his presentation.  It was incredible to se the body language of our participants chance as Theo started his presentation - a normally rowdy group "sat to attention", the room quitened and not a sound other than Theo was heard.  Everyone that attended Theo's presentation was moved in one way or another and touched by him sharing is experience.  Not often to we see presenters get rounds of applause at our team days but Theo did and we got comments from the audience that "that is the way our team days should be".  Theo was received well by all and will hopefully make a difference in our workplace by getting people to just stop for a minute and think things through. 
"Ithought Theo's talk was excellent - very clear, very emotive for those listening, very easy to relate to for everyone in the room. It was great that all the language and terminology was familiar - it's very easy for everyone to draw the link between what Theo did, and things that you or I or the person next to us might do when we're out in the field"
HumanResource Development
QueenslandAlumina Limited
Theo’s presentation was fantastic. Having someone who is able to speak so well about a significant workplace accident they have survived allows the audience to get a real sense of reality for the everyday decisions they make in the field regarding safety and the potential impact that  these decisions can have on their lives. I would thoroughly recommend Theo Venter’s story be delivered to as many people as possible as his potential to change the way people think about their safety through his experience is unique and significant.  
Scott Elkovich
HSE Advisor/Manager

Theo Venter's story is a powerful reminder of the potentially horrific consequences of taking a safety short cut at work. Theo articulates his story with passion and in such a personal way that it is impossible to not feel inspired to champion safety in your own workplace. Theo shares not only the personal physical and psychological pain that he endured as a result of his accident but even more poignantly describes the emotional impact of his accident on his family and work colleagues. I would recommend Theo as a speaker to any audience that has an interest in Workplace Safety.
CementConcrete & Aggregates Australia

Everyone who heard Theo’s story was impacted in one way or another- his messages has resinated with the people and they have taken his messages back to work and back home. Very happy with Theo- We would also like to contract him again in Feb.
NgardaCivil & Mining

Theo was invited over to the Lumwana Copper Mine Operation based in Zambia in 2011.Lumwana is a predominantly Zambian National  staffed workforce with over 4,000 Zambian people directly employed within the Mining,maintenance and township areas. 
Theo was onsite for 12 Days presenting his story, his impact was immediate, our people did not stop talking of Theo’s story and safety message for months afterwards which linked perfectly with our recently rolled out ‘Take 5’ process. 
Theo is now a regular part of our Safety calendar because of his presentation skills, ability to talk to all people regardless of title and skill-set along with his amazing story and message that is clearly conveyed. 
I would recommend Theo to any organisation looking to deliver / develop a strong safety message and culture !
   Garry Chard 
    Senior Safety Superintendent 
    Equinox Minerals,Lumwana Copper Mine - Zambia (Africa)
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